Generation Justice

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What We Do

Pass laws that protect the innocent child victims of our nation's drug epidemic. 

Ensure justice for abandoned, abused, and trafficked children in real time, by providing legal counsel in courtrooms. 

Establish binding legal precedents through strategic litigation. 

The Outcomes

Enforce the rights guaranteed to children by the U.S. Constitution. 

Ensure that innocent children have the same access to the justice system as criminals. 

Create a permanent watchdog to ensure government officials fully comply with the law. 

The Impact

Bring justice and swift case resolution to sexually assaulted, abused, and abandoned children. We assist with 200 children's legal matters annually.

Created the Arizona Child Safety Law. Thanks to this law, thousands of endangered infants will have safe families within a year. The changes improve the search for family, reduce the time children spend in the system, and dramatically improve safety measures for abandoned and abused infants. 

Promote changes that improve outcomes for abused children, including policies that prevent further abuse, improve educational attainment, and modernize the system to move children’s cases as quickly and efficiently as possible.