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Generation Justice

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  • Founder & CEO

    “We have newborns staying in offices,” the social worker told me. “If you could open a crib, we’d be thankful.” I wondered, why are there so many babies? I couldn’t shake the image of newborns struggling under fluorescent lights. So, instead of fostering a teen as I’d planned, I left the hospital cradling an abandoned infant, drug-exposed and shrieking. This is why there are so many babies. In a few short years, I’d mothered seven. Six beat the odds. I founded Generation Justice for the one who didn’t. 

  • Vice President and Chief Counsel

    My foster son sifted through the possessions he had accumulated in his 13 years of state care. Next to the clothes that didn't fit was a tower of backpacks, piled one on top of each other, a rainbow of zippered canvas. It took me a minute to understand.

    I nodded, I got it. 'Whenever you got moved to a new place, you got a new backpack with school supplies.'

    “Yeah,” he said. “I got backpacks all the time. But my supplies just got stolen at the group homes and I was so behind in school, it didn’t matter anyway.”

    I realized that at every stage of this child’s life, instead of real support, instead of meaningful help, instead of a family, he got a backpack. I vowed to change this.

  • Executive Director

    In 2017, Ann Tredway joined Generation Justice as one of its founding team members. Today, she serves as the executive director offering her expertise in management, operations, fundraising, and community relations. 

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Laura Major brings management, organizational, team-building, and strategic planning experience to the role of Chief Operating Officer at Generation Justice. 

  • Director of Litigation

    Carol Carter has been in private practice for 30 years focusing on juvenile law.

  • Chief Financial Officer

    As a mother of three young boys, Berry is committed to the well-being of children and sees her work at Generation Justice as an opportunity to use her business expertise to help some of society’s most vulnerable children. 

  • Law Clinic Coordinator

    Dulce Rivas has always worked to ensure that laws are just and enacted to protect the most vulnerable individuals in our society. She joins Generation Justice after practicing law in the areas of immigration and criminal defense. Along with her legal experience, Dulce brings years of community service and above all, a passion for justice.


  • Director of Technology

    "These kids are our future. It is our responsibility to protect, nurture, and guide them to the best of our ability" 

  • Senior Editor

    As a mother to five biological children, one adopted child, and three additional foster children, Andrea is committed to ensuring that every child has a safe, loving family.

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