• Darcy Olsen

We're Thankful for Historic Milestones

Darcy here. Like you, I’m eagerly anticipating Thanksgiving Day and gathering with family and friends.

Some families will gather in prayer, some have a tradition for each person around the table to share what they are thankful for, some will contemplate silent thoughts of gratitude. I don’t know your tradition, but there’s one thing I know for sure: as my family gathers, I’ll be expressing my gratitude for you, and how friends like you have made the lives of abused children better.

I hope you have a moment at this busy time to briefly take in what you have done for these vulnerable children. A few of these historic milestones are below:

  • Happy Thanksgiving Matteo

  • Child Victims Get Access to Justice, Win Right to Representation

  • Finding our Missing Kids and Prosecuting Predators

  • Safety for Newborns

  • Louisiana adopts Gen Justice Model Reform

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