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Unanimous reform helps foster kids with special needs


A Gen Justice supported reform to improve educational achievement just became law in Georgia! Thousands of kids with special learning needs will benefit.

Conservative estimates show that 30 percent of kids in foster care need special education help in school. But tens of thousands never get the help they need. The reform requires public schools to screen newly-enrolled foster kids for special needs and learning challenges to ensure their educational needs are met. Foster kids frequently fall through the cracks when they change schools, and this check provides a critical backstop.

Foster mom and advocate Jennifer Shinpoch championed this bill in Georgia. The bills’ primary sponsors were Rep. Marcus Wiedower and Sen. Matt Brass, and the nonpartisan bill passed unanimously – this is America at its best!

You might remember that Arizona adopted a similar measure in 2019. In our home state, Governor Doug Ducey signed a measure that removed a barrier to special education services here. We are working with partners on the ground across the states to help more local leaders improve the educational attainment of this vulnerable population.

Please let us know if you’d like more information for your state – we’d love to spread the good work!

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