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Olsen chosen as a 2020 Angel in Adoption


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PHOENIX, Arizona, August 26, 2020 – The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) has chosen Darcy Olsen, CEO of Gen Justice, as a 2020 Angels in Adoption Honoree.

Honorees are awarded at CCAI’s annual Angels in Adoption Gala every fall in Washington, D.C. “The program celebrates individuals, families, and organizations from across the nation who have made an extraordinary contribution on behalf of children in need of families,” according to CCAI. For the past 21 years, CCAI has hosted the Angels in Adoption Program on Capitol Hill.

“My kids would tell you that I give them too many chores to be a real angel,” said Olsen, “But like every mom out there, I’m doing the very best that I can.”

Olsen thought she would help teens, but the state had a pressing need for families to take in the swelling ranks of babies born drug exposed. Olsen ended up fostering ten and adopting four. “There is no substitute for a mom or a dad,” said Olsen, “You can’t outsource love. There is no government program to fix this. You have to get in the game.

”Olsen would like to see more mature couples open their homes to foster kids. Some abused children have suffered so much that the best fit for them is an experienced couple with patience and maturity. “If you are single, older, have never had a child or already raised six of them, I hope you’ll think about fostering. The “perfect” family for a child is the family who will keep them safe and loved. That love can come from people of all ages and stages of life.”

Olsen was nominated by Gen Justice board member, Carrie Tynan, and her Member of Congress, Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who wrote: Darcy has been a personal friend of mine since I served in the Arizona Legislature and I am so proud to nominate her for this award. Darcy has been the foster mom to four beautiful children as well as the founder of Generation Justice, an organization that defends the rights of foster children.


Gen Justice is an award-winning charitable organization working to mend the broken child protection system through nonpartisan policy changes and a unique pro bono Children’s Law Clinic. Gen Justice is a 501c(3) organization under federal law and a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization under Arizona law. Arizona taxpayers may receive an income tax credit for donations to Generation Justice up to $1,000.