• Gen Justice

Gen Justice is Business Journal’s Phoenix Stories finalist vying for $10,000 grant

Public online voting to determine grant recipient ends Sept. 25, 2020

PHOENIX (Aug. 24, 2020)—Drug-exposed babies sleeping in office buildings. Children in foster care disappearing. Abusers with more power than their child victims. The award-winning nonprofit Generation Justice is working to fix all these issues and more in the broken child protection system. And now, The Phoenix Business Journal is honoring the organization’s work by naming them one of 15 Phoenix Stories finalists vying for a $10,000 grant.

The $10,000 grant recipient will be selected from among the 15 finalists via public online vote, open now.

“I nominated Gen Justice because during these uncertain times, many of us seek comfort in family. But where do abandoned and abused kids turn? For them, Gen Justice is a lifeline,” said Phil Giltner, chairman of the board. Gen Justice was chosen for its Phoenix Story that reads, in part:

“Gen Justice Founder, Darcy Olsen, planned to foster a teenager, but her plans changed when a social worker told her, ‘We have newborns sleeping in office buildings. Could you take a baby?’ SoDarcy left the NICU cradling a drug-exposed baby; the first of 10 she would foster. One did not live to reach his first birthday. Darcy founded Gen Justice in 2017 to mend the brokenness she’d seen in the child protection system.”

“In case after case, I saw how the criminally accused receive more protection under the law than child victims. Criminals have the constitutional right to an attorney and to a speedy and public trial; children have none of those protections,” said Olsen.

Gen Justice opened a one-of-a-kind Children’s Law Clinic in Arizona to provide free counsel for abused children, including kids trafficked by their own parents. Gen Justice has worked with local leaders, national partners, and the White House to drive the adoption of multiple reforms. These measures have expedited the search for relatives, shortened the time to adoption and opened the door for more children to get the special education supports they need.

“None of this is possible without community support, and we would love to have your vote today!” said Olsen. “You’ll be supporting justice with just one click.”

Voting starts now, and the organization that receives the most votes will win a $10,000 grant.

Gen Justice operates thanks to the support of individuals, philanthropic foundations and local businesses including the Arizona Community Foundation, the Adolph Coors Foundation, the Challenge Foundation, The Leona Group, Luminus Management, the Lawler Team NOVA Home Loans, the Rodel Foundation, Shamrock Foods Company, T.W. Lewis Foundation and the Watts family, among others.


Gen Justice is a 501c(3) organization under federal law and a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization under Arizona law. Arizona taxpayers may receive an income tax credit for donations to Gen Justice up to $500 (single) or $1,000 (married). To learn more, visit genjustice.org.