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Arizona signs into law two Gen Justice reforms that improve child welfare oversight

Phoenix, Ariz. — Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed into law Senate Bills 1076 and 1307, passed unanimously by the Arizona legislature, and sponsored by Senator Nancy Barto. These vital laws will provide oversight of the Department of Child Safety (DCS) and insight into the Department’s decision-making.

SB1076 calls for an independent analysis of Department of Child Safety data to help lawmakers, the public, and child welfare watchdog groups better assess the relationships between allegations of mistreatment and child welfare outcomes. A report shedding light on specific categories of abuse and neglect and the type of action taken by DCS to keep kids safe will be published by the summer of 2023.

SB1307 adds an extra layer of oversight and quality control by ensuring that decisions made by DCS regarding a child’s safety will continue to align with the best available research and practices. Any future changes to the Department’s safety assessment tools require legislative approval.


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