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Arizona home industry partners with Gen Justice to launch Keychain, a new charitable giving program

Keychain, a New Charitable Giving Program for Foster Kids

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PHOENIX, Arizona, August 11, 2020 – The Arizona home industry believes every child needs a place to call home. Now they have a new way to turn belief into action.

Today, foster parents Chris and Caitlin Lawler launched a new community giving program with charitable gifts they raised from their colleagues across the state totaling $20,000.

The new program, “Keychain: Opening Doors for Foster Kids,” gives realtors, lenders, homebuilders and those in the home industry a means to marshal their resources to help children who have been abused and abandoned. Keychain supports Gen Justice’s work representing abused children free of charge and reforming the laws to mend the system.

“We wanted to open doors for more children,” said Chris, vice president and branch manager for Nova Home Loans in Chandler. “We’ve seen inside the foster care system. We know firsthand how important the work Gen Justice is to these children.” The road that led to the creation of Keychain began when Chris and Caitlin started dating. She worked to find adoptive homes for foster children. He prequalified families seeking their dream houses. Her foster children needed access to the families and homes Chris served, and their minds filled with possibilities.

Two years ago, they took in an abandoned child and immediately thought of the tens of thousands of American children still waiting for families. That desire led to the creation of Keychain and their invitation to their colleagues in the home industry to join them.

Founding members include Nova Home Loan branch managers from across the state of Arizona including Ryan Whalen and Justin Oliver (Nova Gilbert branch), Greg Gale (Scottsdale Spectrum branch), Jeff Ohm (Nova Phoenix branch), Anne Kanelopoulos and Adrian Gastelum (Nova Arrowhead branch), and Jason Smith and Kyle Pursley (Nova Scottsdale branch). Keychain members join with an annual gift of $2,500. Some members have also pledged to make a donation with every home sale they close.

“Chris and Caitlin bowled us over with their generosity and authenticity,” said Darcy Olsen, CEO of Generation Justice. “Their leadership in bringing together friends and associates will exponentially help a greater number of kids have a safe place to call home.” More information on Keychain is available here. We’d love to speak with you about partnering with Gen Justice to help kids in your community. Please contact Ann Tredway at ann@genjustice.org or (602) 710-1135 x707.


Gen Justice is an award-winning charitable organization working to mend the broken child protection system through nonpartisan reform and a unique pro bono Children’s Law Clinic. Gen Justice is a 501c(3) organization under federal law and a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization under Arizona law. Arizona taxpayers may receive an income tax credit for donations to Generation Justice up to $1,000.

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