• Gen Justice

10 Ways You Can Help

Gen Justice is the national leader rescuing thousands of abused, abandoned and trafficked children from violence. Your support is creating a lifeline for these children across America.


  1. Know a state legislator? Share our model reforms found on genjustice.org and connect us.

  2. We love to speak at conferences! Send us an invite.

  3. Think we are worthy? Nominate us for an award.

  4. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to get the latest updates on policy reform, news and more.


  1. Community celebrations: Gen Justice can be the official charity for grand openings, anniversaries, and more.

  2. Sponsorships: Are you planning a major event? Consider Gen Justice as your charitable partner.

  3. FUN-draisers: Do you own a restaurant, store or other business? “Round-up” and collect donations at the register.

  4. Ask your favorite gym, studio or instructor if they would host a special class for Gen Justice donations.


  1. Donate your car: Our partner will pick up your vehicle and send a majority of the proceeds to Gen Justice.

  2. Automate your monthly gift at genjustice.org/donate

TOGETHER WE CAN FIX THIS. Do you have another idea? We’d love to hear more. Please contact aimee@genjustice.org. Download PDF