Stories of Hope

Little girl blowing bubbles.
New beginnings start here.
Quintin defies the odds.
Quintin is now a sophomore at Ohio State. He’s studying to become a police officer so he can help others...
Quintin’s Story
Daniel & Darla
Daniel and Darla find a forever family.
Daniel and Darla have a strong bond that’s common among siblings who’ve survived abuse. Fortunately, Gen Justice has found a...
Daniel & Darla’s Story
Leo & Peter
A better life for Leo and Peter.
Brothers Leo and Peter love playing soccer with their friends on weekends. They are thriving in grade school. Their health...
Leo & Peter’s Story
Securing a place for Isabel.
A happy first grader, Isabel loves to practice writing her ABCs and has just discovered the magic of the Tooth...
Isabel’s Story
Williams Brothers
Reuniting the Williams Brothers.
The Williams brothers celebrated their first Christmas with their family this year. Along with the excitement of holidays spent in...
Williams Brothers’s Story