Stories of Hope

Little girl blowing bubbles.
New beginnings start here.
Cash finds a safe haven with adoptive parents.
Captain of his middle school basketball team, Cash is on top of the world these days. But even with the...
Cash’s Story
Claire escapes and finds new hope.
Claire is studying hard to prep for college, so she can become an architect just like her big sister. That...
Claire’s Story
Maya finds her home at last.
It took eight long and difficult years, but Maya and her little brother Kevin are together again—with their forever family....
Maya’s Story
The Rogers Siblings
The Rogers siblings find their forever family.
Today, siblings Theo, Michael, Jennifer, and Grace are together in one family. It’s hard to conceive now that they nearly...
The Rogers Siblings’s Story
What happened to Sarah.
Thirteen-year-old Sarah was living in a group home. She went out one day and never returned. No one posted on...
Sarah’s Story
Drew finds a permanent home.
Eight-year-old Drew had experienced two full years in a stable, loving home with a devoted family. It was everything he...
Drew’s Story