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Update: Olsen’s Successful “Right to Try” Heads to President

Posted by Rebecca Masterson on 05/23/2018

I’m excited to report that the U.S. House voted nearly unanimously this afternoon to give Americans facing terminal illnesses a fighting chance at longer life!  The bill will now head to the President’s desk for signature, and I am thrilled to take this opportunity to offer congratulations to my friend, Darcy Olsen, the chief leader of the Right to Try movement and founder of Generation Justice.

“Leading this movement has been a joy and a privilege – and like the children Generation Justice is fighting for today – it was also personal,” said Olsen.

This TIME magazine article shows just how personal with Jenn McNary’s story about her mission to save the lives of her two sons.

Like the work Gen Justice is spearheading for America’s children, Right to Try began as an idea. America had a problem, and Olsen led the charge to develop a common sense, bipartisan solution, and went state by state to change the laws. And change them she did.

By the time Darcy published her book in 2015, Right to Try laws had been adopted in five states. It took less than five years for Right to Try to be adopted by 40 states – building the needed momentum to move the federal law.

And today, thanks to many crusaders, especially Senator Ron Johnson and his tireless commitment, Right to Try will become federal law and help terminal patients access the best medical treatments available.

Like our family and friends with terminal illnesses, the lives and futures of America’s foster children hang in the balance of the work we undertake today.

And just like Right to Try, the work for children is bipartisan and has common sense solutions.

Every child has worth. Gen Justice will seek reform in the laws and justice in the courts to ensure that each child’s worth is legally recognized.

Under Darcy Olsen’s leadership, Gen Justice has, in only sixth months, turned the idea that foster children need families-faster, into a successful reform package, and in a few more months, Gen Justice will expand into courtrooms, making sure those reforms take root.

Change is still possible in America. So is bipartisanship.

Thank you for investing in these kids. Together, as Darcy did with the Right to Try, we will change their world and bring them justice.

Rebecca Masterson