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Update: Justice for Anthony

Posted by Darcy Olsen on 07/04/2018

For the past few weeks, I’ve been feasting on AMC’s “Turn,” which portrays the colonial fight for independence.
Some enlisted, others grew crops to feed the soldiers, and still others served as seamstresses, spies or medics.
Americans then – as we are today – were united in the belief that all of us have natural rights that cannot be taken away, particularly the rights to life and liberty.
Every generation has fought to more fully realize that promise. The abolitionist movement, the voting rights movement, and the civil rights era are all expressions of that belief.

While there is always room for improvement, our justice system has become the gold standard for equal treatment under the law regardless of gender, race, or religion.

But laws for protecting children against extreme violations of their liberties have changed little. Criminals and dogs have greater protections under the law than children do.

Last week, 10-year-old Anthony Avalos was tortured and murdered at the hands of his own parents. The CA department of child services had been notified at least 16 times that Anthony was in grave danger. And sexual abuse of Anthony had been substantiated. But the state deemed his parents fit. Then, after years of torture and sexual abuse, the parents murdered him.  
Evil exists - but the gross bureaucratic malfeasance and lack of legal rights that sent this child back home to die at the hands of these criminals can change – these reforms are within our power, and we must act.
Extending the promise of the Constitution to the innocent is the fight of this generation, and with your help, it is a fight we can win.
I’m deeply thankful for the support we are receiving in this pursuit. Last week, the Coors Foundation selected Generation Justice to receive a Venture Grant in the breathtakingly generous amount of $750,000. We are humbled by their confidence and thrilled for what their generosity will enable.
And they have been inspired by YOU! They know from your support that Generation Justice is taking off as a grassroots movement. Like you, they want to see justice for every innocent child from coast to coast. Today we have thousands of supporters helping. Tomorrow… tens of thousands.
On this Independence Day, my pledge is to extend America’s fight to protect the rights of the innocent to life and liberty from coast to coast until this mission is complete.
Thank you for joining the movement to pursue liberty and justice for children.
Thank you,