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Update: Child Safety Bill Protects First Child in Court

We have the first known application of our Child Safety Law and it did exactly what it was supposed to do – protect a vulnerable child whose future was in the hands of the state! Read More

Issue Brief: Child Safety Law

Arizona Foster Care Safety Bill Protects Drug-Exposed Infants and the Best Interests of Children. Read More

Press Release: Governor Ducey To Host Ceremonial Signing For Bill Protecting Babies Born Exposed To Drugs

August 20, 2018 MEDIA ADVISORY: Governor Ducey To Host Ceremonial Signing For Bill Protecting Babies Born Exposed To Drugs PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey tomorrow will join adoptive and foster care families for a ceremonial bill signing of SB 1473, a bill requiring Arizona courts to move faster in providing permanent homes for infants exposed to drugs or illegal substances. Read More

Article: Fast-Tracking Placement Of Vulnerable Children In Loving Homes

Most recently, during the 2018 legislative session Governor Ducey signed SB 1473, requiring our courts move faster to place infants exposed to drug or illegal substances in permanent homes. Read More

Update: Justice for Anthony

While there is always room for improvement, our justice system has become the gold standard for equal treatment under the law regardless of gender, race, or religion. But laws for protecting children against extreme violations of their liberties have changed little. Criminals and dogs have greater protections under the law than children do. Read More

Update: Generation Justice Launches Legal Clinic

When I met my daughter, Sarah, she fit in the palm of my hand. Read More

Article: What Must We Do about Foster Care?

May is National Foster Care Month. These types of things tend to come and go, but, especially given the unsustainability of the foster-care system due to the opioid crisis, it urgently deserves attention. How can we make a National Foster Care Month matter? What should we be making a priority? Who should be making it a priority? Read More

Update: Olsen’s Successful “Right to Try” Heads to President

I’m excited to report that the U.S. House voted nearly unanimously this afternoon to give Americans facing terminal illnesses a fighting chance at longer life! The bill will now head to the President’s desk for signature, and I am thrilled to take this opportunity to offer congratulations to my friend, Darcy Olsen, the chief leader of the Right to Try movement and founder of Generation Justice. Read More

Op-ed: America’s Flood of Opioid Orphans

Article originally posted in the National Review by Darcy Olsen on May 10, 2018 at 6:30 am. Read More

Press Release: Governor Ducey Signs Foster Care Safety Bill for Smallest Victims of the Opioid Crisis

SB 1473, a bill championed by Senator Nancy Barto (R – LD 15), passed the Arizona Legislature almost unanimously and was signed by Governor Ducey today. Read More

Update: Summary of Arizona Senate Bill 1473

Every 15 minutes, an infant is born substance-exposed and addicted to drugs. That means thousands of medically fragile newborns will enter the Arizona foster care system this year alone. Infants who suffer extreme abuse typically linger in foster care for years without the permanency of an established family, forever inhibiting their ability to become functional members of society. This bill will help return these children more quickly to their birth families first... Read More

Op-ed: Darcy Olsen: Don't let vulnerable children linger in foster care

Originally written and posted by Darcy Olsen special to the Arizona Daily Star on Mar 18, 2018. Read More

Article: Darcy Olsen: A new generation of justice for foster kids.

Article originally posted in the Arizona Capitol Times by Katie Campbell on March 12, 2018, 4:20 am. Read More

Op-ed: Bill will ‘rocket’ foster children toward family life.

Article originally posted in the Arizona Capitol Times by Darcy Olsen on March 1, 2018, 10:00 am. Read More