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Gen Justice provides free legal representation on behalf of children in dependency matters. We review inquiries on a rolling basis and respond within 7 business days. Gen Justice is currently comprised of two dozen pro bono attorneys in Arizona, and we are seeking volunteer attorneys from local communities to facilitate our courtroom and legal work across the nation. We believe every child has worth and deserves equal protection under the law. We envision a day when any child in need can have a great attorney in their corner no matter their state, family background, or income. 

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When criminals have more rights than child victims.

Rights of Criminals 

Criminals have a right to have their cases adjudicated within 180 days.

Criminals have the right to an attorney.  ✔
Criminals have a multitude of paramount rights firmly secured by the Constitution.   ✔

Rights of Abused Children

On average, wards of the state wait almost four years for a final disposition. Some spend their entire lives as wards of the state.  ✗
Abused children have no right to counsel.  ✗
Few checks and balances exist to protect the child from violence or to ensure justice is carried out during a dependency action. Those that exist are routinely ignored.   ✗

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