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Darcy Olsen

Founder & CEO

Darcy Olsen founded Generation Justice in 2017. She is a nationally recognized reform leader and a veteran foster mom to abandoned and abused children.

Darcy led the national Right to Try movement, which has given Americans facing terminal illnesses a fighting chance at longer life. Like the groundbreaking work she is spearheading for children, the Right to Try began as an idea. America had a justice problem, and Darcy led the charge to develop a bipartisan solution. By the time she published her seminal book, five states had adopted the law. In less than five years, 40 states had adopted the law and paved the way for national change. Right to Try became the law of the land in 2018.

Darcy served as CEO of the Goldwater Institute for fifteen years. When she took the reins, the organization was running in the red. She restructured the board, added litigation to its arsenal, and expanded operations from one state to fifty, leading columnist George Will to observe: “The Goldwater Institute is simply in the liberty business, and there’s no institution in the country that performs that business better.” 

Olsen has received numerous awards in recognition of her leadership including the honorable Bradley Prize from the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. She has testified before Congress, written columns for outlets from the Wall Street Journal to USA Today and has appeared on countless public affairs television programs. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and a master’s degree in International Education from New York University.

Darcy has four young children.

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