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  • Founder & CEO

    “We have newborns sleeping in offices,” the social worker told me. “If you could open a crib, we’d be thankful.” I couldn’t shake the image of newborns struggling under the glare of fluorescent lights. So, instead of fostering a teen as I’d planned, I left the hospital cradling an abandoned infant, meth-exposed. In a few short years, I’d taken home ten. 

  • Vice President and Chief Counsel

    My foster son sifted through the possessions he had accumulated in his 13 years of state care. Next to the clothes that didn’t fit was a rainbow tower of backpacks. It took me a minute to understand. “Whenever you got moved to a new place, you got a new backpack?” “Yeah,” he shrugged, “Sometimes with a stuffed animal or school supplies.” I realized that at every stage of this child’s life, instead of meaningful help, instead of exiting foster care for the permanent family he needed, he got a backpack. I promised to change this.

  • Executive Director

    Ann joined Generation Justice as a founding team member, offering her expertise in management, operations, and fundraising. Ann’s work honors the memory of her stillborn son, William. Ann believes all children should have the chance to grow up safe and loved.


  • Manager of Donor Relations

    Laura brings twenty years of management, organizational and charitable fundraising experience to Generation Justice. She’s a lifelong proponent of individual rights and believes children, like adults, are born with inalienable rights.

  • Director of Accounting

    Jeni brings to Generation Justice a wealth of non-profit accounting experience. Jeni and her husband have served children in the foster care system in several capacities including volunteering as camp directors for Teen Reach Adventure Camps and teaching life skills to foster teens through mentoring and pet therapy.

  • Paralegal

    Alesia’s A+ research and organizational skills are the cornerstone of the Children’s Law Clinic. She triages the incoming cases and ensures that every child gets the representation she needs, when she needs it.

  • Director of Technology

    Founder of GM Technology, tech expert Tara has served Generation Justice pro bono since its founding. Growing up, Tara witnessed the destructive impact of drug abuse on children in her family. She’s at the ready 24/7 for the kids of Gen Justice.

  • Senior Editor

    As a mother to five biological children, one adopted child and three foster children, Andrea is committed to ensuring that every child has a safe, loving family.

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