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Project Lullaby is a Generation Justice Initiative focused on helping infants born into the foster care system be placed in permanent, loving homes as quickly as possible.

Every 15 minutes in America, a baby is born addicted to drugs. 

These babies are often abandoned in homeless shelters, office buildings, and sometimes even on the street. 45,000 babies will enter foster care this year.

But there is much we can do to help.

At Project Lullaby, we believe infants should have the right to a family. While timely due process is important for all citizens, it is arguably even more important for infants whose brain development and ability to physically, socially and emotionally develop is dependent largely on their primary relationship in the first year of life. 

This spring, Governor Doug Ducey signed a reform to help drug-exposed infants or “opioid orphans” find safety and security within a year of entering foster care. This reform, SB1473, was adopted with overwhelming bipartisan support in an 87 – 1 vote. Reforms like these can be replicated across the states and in Washington D.C. at the federal level.

What happens to substance-exposed newborns?

Countless children spend their entire lives in the foster system. They are never reunified with biological family on the one hand, or adopted on the other. These children disproportionately become America’s homeless and fill our prisons. 25 percent of children in foster care are homeless by their twenty-first birthdays. And estimates show as many as 75 percent of prisoners spent time in foster care.

Why do so many of these children become criminal and end up homeless?

Millions of American children suffer irreversible brain damage that severely diminishes their ability to function in a free society.

The first shoe drops in utero with exposure to multiple drugs that retard proper brain development. The second shoe drops when infants are returned to their abusers or placed in foster care for years on end — further preventing the proper development of the brain. Those brain deficits can become permanent. The best chance these infants have to develop normally is a loving family as soon after birth as possible.

The mission of Project Lullaby is to champion the rights of these vulnerable infants.

With your support, we can build public awareness and develop focused litigation that will help spread these reforms to protect vulnerable children nationwide.

The first 1,000 supporters will become part of our Founding Member circle! Join us today!