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When a Child is Returned to a Predator.

10-year-old Anthony was sexually abused, tortured and murdered by his mother. The California department of child services knew Anthony had been sexually abused, but they sent him home anyway. School professionals and friends called child protection at least 16 times reporting the boy was still in grave danger. The state did nothing, and Anthony’s parents sexually abused and tortured the boy to his death.

Here is the truth about the child protective system...

The system is so broken

that child victims of incest and molestation are routinely and legally returned to their abusers.

The system is so broken

that many children will experience sexual abuse again, this time in the foster homes that are supposed to keep them safe.

The system is so broken

that the FBI reports that a majority of child sex trafficking victims were children from foster care or group homes. These children were as young as four years of age.