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Generation Justice

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When criminals have more rights than child victims.

On January 2, 2019, Generation Justice will open a Children’s Law Clinic to help children in real time – before they fall through the cracks – by ensuring their best interests are represented, no matter their state, family background, or income. We believe in justice for all, and let’s face it, justice doesn’t happen without a great attorney in your corner.

The Children’s Law Clinic will be comprised of first-rate pro bono attorneys from local communities across the nation.

If you need help in a child dependency matter, or if you are an attorney interested in joining the Gen Justice network, contact us.


Rights of Criminals 

Criminals have a right to have their cases adjudicated within 180 days.

Criminals have the right to an attorney.  ✔
Criminals have a multitude of paramount rights firmly secured by the Constitution.   ✔

Rights of Abused Children

On average, wards of the state wait almost four years for a final disposition. Some spend their entire lives as wards of the state.  ✗
Abused children have no right to counsel.  ✗
Few checks and balances exist to protect the infant’s rights or to ensure justice is carried out during a dependency action. Those that exist are routinely ignored.   ✗

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