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Generation Justice

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Justice Cant Wait.

Generation Justice defends and protects abandoned, abused and trafficked children, and reforms the child protection system to prevent future injustice.

Darcy at Podium

Generation Justice was founded by Darcy Olsen in 2017. Olsen led the national Right to Try Movement to give patients with terminal illnesses the right to try to save their lives with investigational treatments. Her initiative became one of the most successful reform movements in U. S. history, adopted by forty states in rapid succession, then by Congress.

Olsen’s mission now is to help abandoned, abused and trafficked children. Justice can’t wait for the terminally ill, nor can it wait for child victims of drugs, abandonment and sexual abuse. The clock is ticking for these children from the moment they enter the child protective system. Government is supposed to keep these children safe, but far too often, that isn’t how it works. 

Here is the truth about the child protective system...

The system is so broken that more than 100,000 kids have gone missing from the system – they have literally vanished. 

Predators prey on abused and abandoned children because when a child has been missing from the child protection system for six months, often the case is closed.

The system is so broken that the FBI reports that a majority of children rescued from child sex trafficking were children from foster care or group homes. 

These children were as young as four years of age.

The system is so broken that criminals have greater protections under the law than children do. 

The child protective system knowingly sent Anthony Avalos home to people who had sexually abused him, where he became a repeat victim of molestation and torture before they took his life.

lukeGeneration Justice’s inaugural reform package passed by a margin of 87-1 in the Arizona state legislature and was signed into law. These reforms allow judges to expedite children’s court cases in instances of extreme abuse and move young children out of the system and into safe families more quickly. 

Generation Justice is sharing its reform blueprints with leaders across the states and in Washington D.C. On January 2, 2019, Generation Justice will open its Children’s Law Clinic to protect children in real time – before they fall through the cracks – by ensuring their best interests are represented, no matter their state, family background, or income.

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