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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Born addicted to drugs, abandoned at bus stations, sexually abused and assaulted. 

500,000 infants and children suffer these crimes every year and enter foster care for refuge…but our child protection system is broken. The next generation deserves better. Generation Justice works in legislatures and courtrooms to mend the broken system and bring a permanent end to innocent children enduring violence.

November 2017

Gen Justice launches publicly

January 2018

Our inaugural reform package, the Child Safety Bill, passes 87-1

Signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey, the bill protects substance-exposed newborns and puts the best interests of children at the front of the law

Read the Governor's Policy Primer and the Gen Justice Issue Brief

April 2018

Awarded Best of the Capitol Up & Comer Leader of the Year by the Arizona Capitol Times

August 2018
January 2019

Our Omnibus Justice bill passes 

The bill streamlines adoptions for older kids, removes barriers to special education for foster children, and collects crucial data for substance-exposed newborns

May 2019

Georgia models a Gen Justice reform that passes in a unanimous vote

June 2019

Gen Justice reforms reach 35,000 foster children

July 2019

The Law Clinic advocates for the legal rights of its 75th foster child



The cost to families and children we help in court



The number of children reached by Gen Justice initiatives



The number of states working with Gen Justice to adopt model reforms

Gifts that Give

Help children with what they need, when they need it. Your donation could help cover the cost of a meal or desperately needed representation in the courtroom when these children face their abusers, separation from siblings, and distance from friends and loved ones. Here are just a few examples of how your gift could be used to support abused children:

$30 - A meal or toy for a child during court.

Small items can comfort a child during court proceedings.

$57 - Gas for a lawyer to reach a rural courtroom.

Your gift can fill a gas tank to get our volunteers to and from distant parts of the state.

$100 - One criminal background check to ensure a child's safe placement.

Too often child protection agencies place children in dangerous homes. Your gift can help prevent a child from being revictimized.

$250 - A new name and social security number to keep a child safe.

Many abandoned and abused children need to change their identities for their own protection. Your gift can facilitate a fresh start.

$500 - One national search to find a child’s relatives.

When a child enters the protective custody of the state, a national search should be conducted to find extended family members. These searches are often conducted years into proceedings or not at all, leaving children without family.

$1,000 - Travel cost for one expert witness to appear in court to testify for a child.

National experts on regularly donate their time to testify in our cases. Your support can offset the travel costs incurred to travel and stay, sometimes over several days, during hearings and trials.

$2,500 - One grassroots training on the rights of children in state care.

Our grassroots trainings give relatives and caretakers, social workers, teachers or caring adults caretakers knowledge of the laws and can sometimes eliminate the need for an attorney.


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